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Beam Standard Air Package

BEAM 30'/35′ 

Standard Air Package

Includes 30′/35' 1 3/8″ diameter crushproof air hose with curved wand, combination floor & rug tool, chrome telescopic wand, and standard tool set (including tool caddy, crevice tool, round dusting brush, upholstery tool with slide-on brush), & hose rack.


BEAM 30'/35′

Deluxe Air Package

Includes 30'/35′ 24V, 1 3/8″ crushproof air hose with 2-way switch, progression swivel handle, rug tool, chrome telescopic wand, floor brush, upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool, tool caddy and hose rack.

Beam Garage Hose Kit

AK55 Central Vacuum

Garage and Car Care Kit

A central vacuum car care kit is perfect for cleaning your vehicle in the garage. 30′ hose with hose rack, dusting brush, upholstery and crevice tool


Standard Electric Package

BEAM 30′/35'

Standard Electric Package

The Standard Central Vacuum Hose and Tool Package is perfect for homes with low traffic. Included is a self adjusting basic electric power brush that works great on most carpet types. It can be turned on and off with the switch on the hose for convenience.


Beam Rug Master

BEAM 30′/35'

Rug Master Electric Package

Includes the Beam electric power brush with switch, 30′/35' 110/24V, Crushproof Hose with 3-way switch, chrome wands, standard tool set, 10″ wall & floor brush & hose rack.


Wessel Werk Electric

Wessel Werk 30'/35'

Electric Package

This Premium package is a top choice for people with high pile carpets or thoes with pets. The larger rear wheels and 5 level height adjustment make it very easy to maneuver on all carpet types. The motor and roller brush are so powerful that this power head is almost self propelled. It almost goes forward by itself. You can deep clean your high or low pile carpets and remove the smallest allergens deep from the carpet pile. Pet hair or dust mites have no chance against this power head.