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BEAM Floor & Wall Tools

Grey Dusting Brush Premium Oval Dusting Brush 10' Standard Floor Brush

a) Grey Dusting Brush

b) Premium Oval Dusting Brush

Premium oval Dusting Brush with build-in brushes

c) 10' Standard Floor Brush

14” Floor Brush 12` Premium Floor Brush Swivel Floor Brush

d) 14” Floor Brush

e) 12” Premium Floor Brush

f) Swivel Floor Brush

Sumo Floor brush

beam alliance 13` floor brush

Pet Grooming Brush

g) Sumo Floor brush

Sumo Floor brush has rubber wheels on base and is designed to fit the Beam Q and Solaire ensemble kit, wand sets it fits Sumo products

h) Beam Alliance 13″ Floor Brush

Works Only With Beam Alliance Cleaning Sets

i) Pet Grooming Brush

Beam Pet Grooming Brush is ideal for pets with short hair. Powerfully remove pet hair and dander as you groom/comb small or large pets

12” Rug & Floor Tool

12″ Deluxe Combo Tool with Floor switch

 11″ Air Driven Turbine Carpet Nozzle (Black)

j) 12” Rug & Floor Tool

Rug & Floor Tool for low pile and area rugs – Grey

k) 12″ Deluxe Combo Tool with Floor switch

Designed for all carpet and bare floor surfaces

l)  11″ Air Driven Turbine Carpet Nozzle (Black)

Sumo Style Air Turbo

Beam Alliance Combo Rug & Floor tool


m) Sumo Style Air Turbo

Sumo Style Air turbo with wheels. Great for low to medium pile carpets fits sumo style wands only.

n) Beam Alliance Combo Rug & Floor tool

Allows you to quickly switch between floor types with just a flip of a button. For Beam Alliance cleaning sets only

o) PowerWisk

Beam Powerwisk is a compact, powerful hand sweeper. This tool is air-driven and ideal for easy cleaning of stairs, upholstery, and car interiors. The Beam Powerwisk Hand Sweeper is light weight and easy to use with its full swivel neck. This hand held tool is an air-driven attachment with a roller brush that will effectively and efficiently clean upholstery, carpeted stairs, and more. If you have pets, this tool is unsurpassed in removing pet hair from your upholstery. You can’t go wrong purchasing this hand sweeper to meet your cleaning needs.